Field Trip!

24 Apr

Good afternoon parents and students!
Tommorow is our field trip to The Toronto Botanical Gardens.


Please dress apporopiately for the weather as we will be spending some time outdoors.
Closed toe shoes are required, rubber boots would be ideal.
Also be sure to pack peanut-free literless lunches!
See you all tommorow,
Miss. Persaud


Science Experiment Tommrow!

23 Apr

Just a reminder to parents and students that tommorow we will be conducting a science experiment!

We have been learning about plants, and how they grow and change.  For tommorow’s experiment we will place one white carnation in regualr water, one in red water, and one in blue water.  Will anything happen? What do you think?

We will share our ideas tommrow!


Miss Persaud


The Nature of Science

23 Apr

Hello Parents and Students!

Some colleagues and I were discussing the nature of Science.

Science is a great way for children and adults alike to experience the world around them and learn through their personal inquires.

I wanted to share the ideas my colleagues and I came up with regarding the nature of Science.  I have also attached a link to the Onatrio Science Curriculum.


Miss. Persaud



The Nature of Science

The well being of students and their education lies not only in the teacher’s hands but the parents, community and the student’s themselves.  As role models, we must encourage and shape the students lives in a positive manner.  For the Ontario Science Curriculum for primary/junior, there are factors that contribute to the students overall success.  For one, scientific knowledge involves contextualized and decontextualized instruction; in other words, students can make connections through experience and knowledge.  The nature of science is sometimes assumed to be universal and absolute; however it can be unpredictable and challenging which will flourish a student’s academic and social achievements.  In this case, the nature of science will allow the students to relate to science and use it in society and the environment; develop scientific skills of problem solving that will be used outside of school.  Science also involves trial and error which can challenge students on a level beyond just the academics.  It will encourage confidence, self help and thinking, reflective practices and problem solving, and questioning the unknown.  The concept of trial and error in science makes learning experiences reflective, and meaningful.  Today education influences the idea of role play and child centered learning which can be used in science.  This makes the content and experience authentic for the students.  Lastly, scientific knowledge would not be possible without the use of technological tools; generally, science and technology go hand in hand.  Overall, the nature of science is more than what it seems and can be a positive influence on students’ grades, knowledge and qualities/characteristics.


23 Apr

Happy Earth Day!!

Today is Earth Day and we have been learning about how we can protect our Earth so that we can continue to live, learn, and grow.

It is our responsibility to care for the Earth.

Here is a video that reminds us of how we are destroying our home and how we can help protect it.

Here are some tips of how we can do our part to save our wonderful planet:

– Reduce! Reuse! Recycle
– Pick up garbage
– Plant a tree!
– Take a shower instead of a bath
– Pack a litterless lunch
– Turn the water off while brushing your teeth
– Don’t cut down trees or destroy plants
– Turn the lights off when you leave the room
– Don’t litter!

Let’s all try to do our part! Our planet is a gift from God, it is our responsibilty to take care of it!

Here is a great website for Earth Day tips, games, crafts, and books to help you become aware and protect our planet.  Be sure to get parent permission before logging on!

Earth Day Activities

Also, I thought you all would enjoy this read aloud of The Great Kapok Tree. It is one of my favourite stories. It is all about forest conservation. It shows how many creatures live in the forests around the world, how much forests mean to them, and why we should not destroy them.

Miss. Persaud


17 Feb


I would like to welcome parents and students to my EDUblog!

I have created this blog so that parents and students can stay connected to our classroom online. I will be posting a lot of wonderful things! I will post about our classroom activities as well as educational websites, fun activities and games, interesting videos and useful tips to help students succeed. I hope you all enjoy this blog and find it to be just as wonderful as I do!
Miss. Persaud