Animals and Habitats

30 Apr

In Science we have been working on Understanding Life Systems: Growth and Changes in Animals.
This unit focuses on investigating the distinct characteristics of animals
related to appearance, behaviour, growth, and change. Students will study a variety of animals and identify important similarities and differences among them. As well as making the obvious physical comparisons, students will look at ways in which human activities have an impact on specific animals and their survival, and ways in which the animals’ environment has an impact on their development. They will also examine the importance of animals and the need for humans to protect animals and the places where they live.
By the end of this unit students will be able to:
1. assess ways in which animals have an impact on society and the environment, and ways in which humans have an impact upon animals and the places where they live;
2. investigate similarities and differences in the characteristics of various animals;
3. demonstrate an understanding that animals grow and change and have distinct characteristics.

Parents, you can find out more about what we will be covering during this unit by looking at The Ontario Science Curriculum pages 58-60


Students- the National Geographic Kids website is a great website for you to learn about different animals, and their needs and characteristics. There are animal profiles for almost any animal you can think of! There are also many games and cool videos for you to play and watch. I’m sure you will all find something interesting on this site! Feel free to share anything you’ve learned with the class 🙂
Please ask your parents before logging on to this website.

Miss. Persaud


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