Science Experiment Results!

26 Apr

The results are in…

The Experiment

We had 3 white carnations in 3 seperate cups of water.  One carnation was placed in a cup of regular water, one was placed in a cup of water with blue food colouring, and the last was placed in a cup with red food colouring.


Many students shared their thoughts on what they believed would happen to the carnations.  Here are some of our hypotheses:

“I think the carnations in the regular water will survive, but the ones in the blue and red water will die.”

“I think the carnation in the red water will turn red and the one in the blue water will be blue.”

“I think that nothing will happen.  They will all live and all stay the same.”

What happened?

Here are some pictures from our science expeirment!


The carnation placed in regular water remained white.  However, the one placed in blue water turned blue and the one placed in red water turned red.

Why did this happen?

Students shared their ideas on why they believe this happened.  Here are some of their thoughts:

“I think that when the stem sucked the coloured water up it went straight to the petals and changed the colour.”

“I think that the stem carried the coloured water throughout the plant and when it came to the white flowers it changed the colour of the flower to the same colour of the water.”


Students enjoyed taking part in this science experiment and covered various curriculum expectations such as:

2.1: follow established safety procedures during science and technology investigations(e.g., avoid touching eyes when handling plants; never taste any part of a plant unless instructed to do so by the teacher)
2.6: use appropriate science and technology vocabulary, including stem, leaf, root, pistil, stamen, flower, adaptation, and germination, in oral and written communication



Miss. Persaud





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